I Sold My Sign Business – Hear My Story

I sold my business

Unless you have sold a business before you may be unaware of the horror stories and the success stories. Selling a business is not for the faint of heart and the nuanced legal, accounting, and due diligence matters often converge in an uncommon negotiation. Someone once said that a business sale is like a real […]

Due Diligence: Selling & Buying A Business

Due Diligence: Selling & Buying A Business

Once a business goes under contract it then moves to the all-important stage of due diligence. During due diligence, the buyer and his team are going to do a deep dive into the business’s financials. This important time of analysis and examination allows the buyer of a business to verify the business’s past performance and […]

SOLD Business In 5 Months

North Carolina Business Broker

This business took us five months to sell against the national average of 7 months. Attracting, vetting, and walking the buyer through an acquisition process can be challenging for each client/business that we represent. In the end, the buyer and seller of this business were very excited about the opportunity that this deal brought to […]

Business Sold In 6 Weeks

selling business

It took our firm just under six weeks to get the Raleigh shipping business SOLD! The market average for getting a business sold typically averages about seven months. You can imagine the excitement of this business owner as they are now off to retirement. You can learn more about this business sale in this video. […]

Refinishing Business For Sale

how to sale a business

For over 25 years, the owner of this business has made great profits and has garnered excellent goodwill and brand recognition. If you are looking to buy a profitable service business in the strong North Carolina market, this small business might be worth you taking a closer look at. If you are considering the sell […]

3 Things You Must Do To Sell Your Business

3 things to selling your business

Selling a business is not easy. In fact, the majority of businesses that get listed do not sell. If you want to beat the odds, this video will give you 3 things that you must do to sell your business. Veteran M&A advisor, Mike Hall, lays out wisdom from the trenches as someone who has […]

Three Vital Things For Selling a Business

3 Vital Things For Selling A Business

70% of listed businesses do NOT sell and you should know upfront the three most vital aspects of selling business. Veteran business broker, Sherri Ferguson provides the following insights into why some businesses sell quickly and what some NEVER sell. Sherri Ferguson is respected as one of the leading M&A professionals in the country and […]

Selling A Retail Business

selling a retail business

This women’s boutique is a well-known Triangle shopping destination. The business has been located in a high-end shopping destination for over 10 years and it has a loyal client base that drives its successful repeat business. With the owner retiring, this high-profit business is ready for a new owner to take it to the next […]

Selling A Service Business in North Carolina

selling a service business in North Carolina

Selling a service business many times comes down to three buyer concerns: 1. How much of the income is directly tied to the current owner’s involvement? 2. What is the multiple placed on the cash flow or SDE? 3. How many years has the business been established? While there is admittedly a multitude of other […]

Selling A Medical Practice

selling a medical practice

Selling a medical practice of any type requires industry knowledge and the ability to attract qualified buyers. Medical practices come in all shapes and sizes but finding a specifically trained buyer requires years of building a large network of buyers. This medical practice is being sold because the current owner is relocating. This medical practice […]